Celtic management must stand with the fans against UEFA & FIFA racism hypocrisy – for legal action

Football Against Apartheid

I received an email the day after Celtic fans demonstrated to the world that they will not stand idly by whilst UEFA & FIFA display absolute hypocrisy with regard to its own policy on racism, by not only failing abysmally to oppose Apartheid racism – the worst manifestation of racism, but seeks to punish the football fans that endeavour to highlight that hypocrisy,  whilst UEFA even rewards the Apartheid racism they claim to oppose.

The Palestinian Flags at the MatchCeltic fans demonstrate the hypocrisy of UEFA with regard to UEFA own policy on racism which rewards Apartheid the worst manifestation of racism.  UEFA said Celtic had been charged for displays of an “illicit banner” and added: “This case will be dealt with by the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body on 22 September.”

The email via a marvellous campaigner against the Israeli illegal and brutal occupation of Palestine and its Apartheid racism,   contained a message…

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PAJU félicite le Parti Vert du Canada pour l’adoption des résolutions en faveur des droits humains des Palestiniens

PAJU - Palestiniens et Juifs Unis


Pour diffusion immédiate

le 9 août 2016

Palestiniens et Juifs Unis (PAJU) félicite le Parti Vert du Canada pour son appui historique et courageux aux deux résolutions relatives au conflit israélo-palestinien. Le 7 août, 2016, le Parti Vert a approuvé une résolution soutenant le principe de la Campagne de Boycott, Sanctions et Désinvestissement, mouvement visant l’occupation illégale d’Israël des territoires palestiniens. Lors de la convention, les Verts ont également adopté une résolution historique pour appuyer la révocation du statut d’organisme de bienfaisance de toute organisation qui est complice de la violation du droit canadien ou international des droits de l’homme.

“BDS est la seule mesure non-violente qui peut mettre un terme à l’occupation brutale d’Israël et de son système institutionnalisé de ségrégation pratiquée contre les Palestiniens sur une base quotidienne », a déclaré Bruce Katz, co-président de PAJU. “La résolution de révoquer le statut d’organisme de bienfaisance des organisations qui ne…

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#CinemaHebron – An Initial Roundup

The Leftern Wall

More to come, but as some of you already know, this past weekend, I was detained in Hebron, along with five other activists from All That’s Left and the Center for Jewish Nonviolence (and 30+ more who were prepared to be detained, but weren’t: More on that below). We went at the invitation of the Youth Against Settlements group to help found the first cinema in Hebron. I am working on putting together my thoughts on the action and its aftermath, but in the meantime, here are 10 excellent pieces already written about it:

  1. Peter Beinart’s reflections on the action in Haaretz

Peter’s piece, published yesterday in Haaretz, included part of the conversation I had with Peter in the site of the future cinema:

”Standing in Abu Aisha’s yard, the American-Israeli activist Moriel Rothman-Zecher explained it this way. The Israeli left, he argued, contains many people alienated by Judaism. They’re alienated because…

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Breaking Ground at Cinema Hebron

Shalom Rav

This past Friday, I had the honor to participate in an incredible, unprecedented mass action of civil disobedience in the H2 section of Hebron – in the heart of Israel’s unjust and illegal occupation.

I’ll start with a little bit of history:

In 1968, a year after Israel conquered the West Bank, a group of radical religious settlers led by Rabbi Moshe Levinger, led a group of followers to a hotel in Hebron – with the government’s support – to observe a Passover seder. When it was over, they refused to leave; and following a negotiation with the government, they were allowed to create a settlement to the east of Hebron that they named Kiryat Arba  Since that time, Jewish settlers gradually moved into Hebron proper. Over the years tension gradually increased in Hebron. Things changed drastically in 1995 after Baruch Goldstein murdered 29 Muslim worshippers in the Ibrahimi mosque. Fearful of reprisals, the…

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Dareen Tatour Solidarity Gaining Momentum

Free Haifa

But will it make a difference?

It is more than 9 months since Dareen Tatour, the Palestinian poet from Reineh, was arrested and accused of inciting violence… all for one poem, two statuses and sharing thepoetry-not-a-crime-875x458 image of Israa Abed. She spent three months in three different prisons and is now confined to a small apartment in a suburb of Tel Aviv, more than a hundred kilometers away from her home and friends.

When I wrote the first article about Dareen’s detention (in Hebrew), published in “Siha Mekomit” (local call), on April 16, I concluded:

“The fact that a poet was arrested and tried under such baseless accusations is the result not only of the racist system (police, prosecution, judiciary), but also of the indifference of public opinion. Where are the poets and writers when we need them to protect the freedom of expression?”

To be honest, the…

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