Quick and Easy Chicken Thai Curry

Quick and easy Thai Curry signed

One of the greatest things about growing up in Canada is that you find yourself living in a melting pot of ethnicities where you are constantly exposed to other cultures’ foods, especially Asian food. Needless to say that the use of fresh herbs, exotic spices and colourful vegetables has made me fall in love with Asian food, hard. Thai food was no exception.

Unfortunately, I cannot pride myself in saying— yet! — I make the curry paste from scratch, but I think the final result is pretty convincing, so for now that will do. There are various brands out there; I personally juggle between the Mae Ploy and the Cock Brand, though the first one is my favourite. What is great about them is they come in in plastic seal/container and since you only need a few spoons of it you can close it off, put it in your fridge, it will…

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Palestine Solidarity Sessions: Interview with Grace Batchoun of CJPME

CKUT 90.3 FM news collective blog

Grace-Batchoun Grace Batchoun, of CJPME, during her appearance on CTV

[audio http://montreal.mediacoop.ca/sites/mediacoop.ca/files2/mc/audio/under_the_olive_tree/grace_batchoun_-_speak_up_for_palestine_20min03.mp3]

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Grace Batchoun is the VP Public Relations of CJPME (Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East). CJPME is a non-profit and secular organisation. One of its main missions is to enable Canadians of all backgrounds to promote and work for justice and peace in Palestine. Recently CJPME released an instruction guide called “Speak up for Palestinian human rights”. The goal of this guide is to provide Canadians with tools that will help them defend Palestinian human rights and raise awareness about the struggle of the Palestinian people.

In this interview we discuss the guide and go over all of its major points in details. Grace will talk about the importance of having the exact facts and how to get them. We will talk about the main pet arguments that Israel use and…

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Entretien avec l’écrivain Jacob Cohen : « Les Israéliens doivent constamment vivre en état de guerre »

Algérie Résistance

Jacob Cohen D.R.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen : Que pensez-vous des événements actuels à Gaza ?

Jacob Cohen : Les évènements actuels à Gaza sont la continuation de la politique constante d’Israël de maintenir le territoire dans un état d’instabilité, d’insécurité, en l’empêchant de construire la moindre infrastructure, économique, agricole, hospitalière, culturelle. Tout est fait pour étrangler le territoire, mais pas au point de le laisser s’effondrer car ce serait un désastre humanitaire que la Communautaire internationale ne pourrait pas hypocritement supporter. Donc à chaque fois qu’il y a une accalmie, les Israéliens s’arrangent pour provoquer un ou deux tirs de roquette généralement inoffensifs pour relancer la répression. Rappelons que les Gazaouis n’ont même pas le droit d’aller pêcher au-delà de 4 ou 5 kilomètres des côtes, les Israéliens poussant le cynisme jusqu’à les empêcher de profiter des ressources naturelles de la mer. De même pour l’électricité, disponible de façon épisodique. Et…

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Just like that!

Dalia AlNajjar

As usual I spend an hour trying to sleep before I give up and find something else to do beside listing to the news, in fact I haven’t slept at night since 20 days, my brain forgot all about sleeping, every day I collapse from exhaustion in the morning and wake up to a nightmare or a sound of explosions, sometimes both.

So after I counted all the sheep in the world and all my attempts to sleep failed, I gave up and went to read some book, minutes later my mom woke up I started to update her about the news she missed in the last three hours while she was sleeping.

Suddenly, BOOM, I panicked, closed my eyes and hugged my mum tightly, then I fell in the floor as my knees couldn’t hold me.. in a minute I hold myself together and went to check the targeted…

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Deconstructing the Zionist View of Gaza’s Horror – An Analysis (28 July 2014) by Lawrence Davidson

Algérie Résistance

Lawrence Davidson

Dr Lawrence Davidson. D.R.

Part I – David Harris and the American Jewish Congress

For reasons unknown I have ended up on the list-serve of the American Jewish Congress. This means I receive messages sent out by its executive director, David Harris. Sometimes I even read them.

On 18 July 2014 I got just such a missive explaining that “too many in the international community fail to grasp the stark realities” Israel faces and its “severely limited policy options.” To set everyone straight Harris wrote an op-ed in the Boston Globe (also dated 18 July), a copy of which came along with his mailing.

Since the horror in Gaza continues unabated and Harris’s letter can be taken as representative of the American Zionist point of view, I decided that it was appropriate for me to deconstruct his op-ed for my own blog and list-serve. One should note that a similar…

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