Conflict Kitchen or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make Mahalabiya

Palestine Square | ميدان فلسـطيـن

Conflict Kitchen was the brainchild of co-founders and directors Jon Rubin and Dawn Weleski. The simple idea was to highlight the food and culture of nations often portrayed through a hostile, and thus dehumanizing, lens in the mainstream American media and among the Washington, D.C., class of politicians and pundits.

Located in Pittsburgh, the take-out eatery welcomes customers to a gastronomic journey with lunch served in wrappers inscribed with the voices of people from Cuba to Palestine, voices most Americans otherwise only encounter through a filter that is more often than not distorting rather than edifying. Conflict Kitchen focuses on a different country every few months. Each culinary focus includes not just food and personal perspectives, but events, national products such as, say, soap from Palestine, and a colorful design reflecting national patterns and style.

Since its founding, Conflict Kitchen has devoted menus to Venezuela, Afghanistan, North Korea and Iran. Its decision to focus on Palestine, however…

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