From Gaza to NASA: The odyssey of a Palestinian engineer

My East-West

Soha Alqeshawi is a Palestinian from Gaza City. When she left the tiny territory where 1,82 million people live like prisoners in a total area of 365 square kilometers she entered the University of Houston in Texas. Upon graduation as top of the class with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems Engineering NASA offered her a job working on the Shuttle Program. “It was a dream come true”, as she tells me in this interview via email. Arabian included her in its most recent list “100 Most Powerful Arabs Under 40“. (Read more…)

Soha Alqeshawi - Engenheira sénior de software da nave  espacial Orion  ©Friends of NASA's photos Soha Alqeshawi: My parents did their best to provide me and my siblings with a good education and shield us from the effects of the continuous horrific conflict that Gaza has been living under.
©Friends of NASA’s photos

For Portuguese readers who are not familiar with your personal story, would you please introduce yourself? 

My name is Soha…

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