Daniel Day-Lewis and Throwing Stones at Israeli Apartheid

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Navigating Syrian activist Razan Ghazzawi’s blog last night, I came across the most interesting excerpt on her sidebar. It read:

[Israel] is a state of apartheid. It’s taken me less than a week to lose impartiality. In doing so, I may as well be throwing stones at tanks.

What caught my attention was that the quote was attributed to one of the most honey-01-650x830masterful actors of our time: Daniel Day-Lewis. At first, I wondered if this was another one of those popular misattributions to famous folks from overly zealous activists. It was, much to my surprise, not. The piece, written on March 20th 2005, is no longer available on the Times’ website. Despite this, I think Day-Lewis’ writing, observations, work and thoughts are profound and deserve to be read. I do not know, at this moment and time, if he still believes what he has written here — I…

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CBC’s Evan Solomon no match for Palestinian spokesperson in televised interview

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Solomon’s scripted attempts to control the interview were embarrassing to watch

No 690 Posted by fw, March 11, 2013

On March 7, on the CBC’s Power Politics program, host Evan Solomon tried desperately to pin down Afif Safieh, the Ambassador of the Palestinian Diplomatic Corps. I don’t know what others thought of the exchange, but as a Canadian, I was embarrassed by Solomon’s biased line of questioning.

Below is my transcript of the 12-minute televised interview. The transcript includes my observations and references blocked off in this format ***** [comment in parentheses] *****.

Unfortunately, the CBC video is not available for embedding in this post. However, it can be viewed on CBC by clicking on the linked title below.

Baird’s warning for Palestinians: Palestinian Aid in Question, CBC, Power Politics, Evan Solomon interviews Afif Safieh, March 7, 2013


Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird apparently has a…

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