Don’t laugh, israeli politician Yair Lapid blames BDS movement for 9/11


Israeli politician claims BDS movement behind 9/11 as well as responsible for the Syrian Civil war and the London and Madrid bombings

Israel’s Absurd Attacks on BDS Reveal Its Desperation

In what is arguably a new low, an Israeli politician said the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement was behind 9/11.

Israeli politicians are not known for holding themselves to that high a standard when it comes to historical accuracy, yet as Israel’s international popularity diminishes one can notice an ever-increasing, unparalleled disrespect for facts among the country’s leading political figures.

Yair Lapid, one of the most influential liberal Israeli politicians, is now accusing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement of essentially carrying out the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2011. Lapid made these claims at the Park Avenue Synagogue in New York City.

It doesn’t stop there. The BDS movement is also responsible for the Syrian civil war and the terrorist attacks in London…

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Stop the Killing, End the Occupation: A Statement from the Global Jewish Network for Justice

Shalom Rav


Please read and share this statement, which was initiated by an international Jewish network of groups and individuals working for justice in Palestine. We reclaim Jewish identity not as a nationalist identity but as one that celebrates our diverse roots, traditions & communities wherever we are around the world. We believe that it is essential for there to be a global Jewish voice to challenge Israel’s destructive policies, in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle. This international Jewish network aims to become that voice.

If you would like to sign on to this statement as an individual or a group, click here.

As members of Jewish communities around the world, we are horrified by the violence that is sweeping the streets of Palestine/Israel, costing the lives of over 30 people, both Palestinians and Israelis in the past two weeks alone. A 2 year old girl in Gaza was the youngest of…

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Associated Press Deconstructed

By Alison Weir

Once again, the Associated Press provides a blatantly slanted news report on Israel-Palestine. The problem is, AP’s slant is only blatant to those who know the full facts. This is the article that hundreds of newspaper wire editors around the US, most of whom have never visited the region and whose information comes largely from AP, are seeing. Below I will discuss AP’s October 14 news report. I will quote the AP report in full, commenting below each section about what it contains and does not contain.

By Aron Heller

As is typical, AP’s story is written by an individual with strong connections to Israel. Aron Heller grew up in Israel, graduated from Tel Aviv University, and may be an Israeli citizen. It is likely that he or members of his family have served in the Israeli military. None of this is disclosed to AP readers…

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Golda Meir’s rotten quote

Seth J. Frantzman - author - analyst


Who else thinks the often use of Golda Meir’s quote to excuse killing children is twisted, sick and offensive? People think this is a “pro-Israel” quote that “explains” Israel. But anyone with a reasonable sense realizes not only is it not “pro-Israel” and a good “explanation”; it is a deeply disturbing, demented, inhumane quote that basically says “you deserve to have your children killed and we so dehumanize you that we also hate you for ‘making’ us kill them.” It is like the racists who say “I won’t forgive you for making me a racist against you.” It is illogical.

Golda's quote Golda’s quote

The idea that Hamas uses human shields may be correct, but the insinuation that Gazans don’t care for their children betrays an apparent total ignorance or even willingness to take time to ask individual Gazans if they love their children.  By implying they do…

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