Golda Meir’s rotten quote

Seth J. Frantzman - author - analyst


Who else thinks the often use of Golda Meir’s quote to excuse killing children is twisted, sick and offensive? People think this is a “pro-Israel” quote that “explains” Israel. But anyone with a reasonable sense realizes not only is it not “pro-Israel” and a good “explanation”; it is a deeply disturbing, demented, inhumane quote that basically says “you deserve to have your children killed and we so dehumanize you that we also hate you for ‘making’ us kill them.” It is like the racists who say “I won’t forgive you for making me a racist against you.” It is illogical.

Golda's quote Golda’s quote

The idea that Hamas uses human shields may be correct, but the insinuation that Gazans don’t care for their children betrays an apparent total ignorance or even willingness to take time to ask individual Gazans if they love their children.  By implying they do…

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