Expel Apartheid Israel from the United Nations

Football Against Apartheid

“Expel Israel from the UN”

UK activists’ clarion call to civil societies around the world

Sixteen months after Football Against Apartheid called on FIFA to expel apartheid Israel from FIFA,  campaigners called on the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) to support their call to expel Apartheid Israel from the United Nations.

By Stuart Littlewood

At least some people are determined to kick off the New Year on a positive note. A motion to expel Israel from the United Nations is to be put to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s (PSC) Annual General Meeting (AGM). It reads as follows:

Motion, PSC AGM 23 January 2016 to expel Israel from the United Nations

Considering that Israel’s admission to the UN on 11 May 1949 by General Assembly Resolution 273 was conditional upon its (1) honouring the UN Charter and (2) implementing UNGA [United Nations General Assembly] Resolutions 181 of 29 November 1947 and 194…

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