Herodotus, Palestine and the Jews



Herodotus was the first to use “Palestine”  to describe this area of the Levant and it was it the 5th Century BCE over 2500 years ago … So don’t believe zionist #hasbara trying to push that “Palestine” was only created to punish Judahites from the Bar Kochba rebellion … Palestine existed for CENTURIES BEFORE “Syria-Palaestina”  was even named !

” Posted 13th March 2012 by Karl Radl:

One of the oldest arguments made by skeptics of the Christian and jewish historical cosmos is that Herodotus; the ‘Father of History’, does not mention jews at all in his ‘Histories’. Indeed if you look up Herodotus and Jews in Google you will find an absolute wealth of Christian and jewish sites claiming this isn’t the case and professing to deal with the skeptic objections. I will deal with some of those objections here.

Why answer them?
Very simply: the objections that are used by Christians and jews alike tend to place the jews at the very centre of the world and as such place them on a proverbial pedestal of being a key and influential historical nation. However if we strip that away and we find little mention of the jews in Herodotus then their supposed pivotal importance in ancient history becomes downgraded to a mere tribal curiosity.
Let us begin with the mentions that Herodotus makes of Palestine and then work through what it does in fact tell us as opposed to what it doesn’t.

The article even doubts that it can be proven that Jews even existed as a significant section of the Levantine society in the times of Herodotus, read it all at: Herodotus, Palestine and the Jews

On the origin and use of “Palestine”: ‘Palestine’ is an ancient name, for a land of many cultures ,  Origins of the Name “Palestine” and:  Palestine (Region)

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