Moral Israelis see the OCCUPATION as the Cause of all these tragic deaths

By forcing oneself and reaching DEEP into compassion, we may see everyone as being HUMAN FIRST:, so may God have pity of her and save her Soul as He does for the Martyrs; and may we see PEACE in our Lifetime so no more Youth has to sacrifice their lives … It’s hard not to hate, but it is possible…

Of course part of me see her like a victim of a brainwashing zionist Education aimed at producing obedient “Judaic Jihadists” … It is the same part of me who sees the Martyrs as victim of the OCCUPATION whether they resort to bomb, guns, knife or were just killed because they are Palestinians …

One may HATE the IOF but understand it’s a political instrument where the conscripts and reservists are “subjects” as much much as Palestinians are “OPPRESSED” … The IOF are now the guards of the Concentration Camps of Gaza, East Jerusalem & the West Bank … And the PA are its Kapos …

But the other part of me will always see the Human First and think of those “made-up” Wars as CRIMES by the political Elite who get both sides Martyred by the MADNESS of those “MONSTERS in POWERS” … Pictures od those tragic deaths should placard the offices of Likud, Yesh Atid, HaBayit HaYehudi and Yisrael Beitinu all ALL ZIONIST ORGANIZATIONS IN THE WORLD: It is what you wish for !!! …

In closing, thanks to Richard Flantz for illustrating so often that there are MORAL Israelis who see the IMMORALITY of zionism …Shalom / Salaam / Peace Brother !

Source: Richard Flantz Facebook post

P.S. IOF = “Israel OCCUPATION Forces” or “Israel OFFENSIVE Forces“, depending on context.
IDF can also mean “Israel DIAPER Forces” according to pictures well circulated over the Internet 🙂 .


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