The Iron Wall by Lenni Brenner

PAJU - Palestiniens et Juifs Unis

Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir


Couverture sur The Iron Wall by Lenni Brenner

Extract from : «The WZO leaders said as little as they could about Germany in as much as they knew that negotiations were proceeding to work out a trade agreement with Hitler. Jabotinsky brought forth a motion to support the embryonic anti-Nazi boycott, but it had no chance of success. The delegates were totally put off by the fascist character of Revisionism. During the Congress, Jewish Telegraphic Agency dispatches told of the police discovering Jabotinsky’s letter to Achimeir denouncing him for his pro-Nazi articles. [24] The vast majority of the delegates believed that the Biryonim had murdered the Political Secretary of their movement and the letter could only serve to reinforce their opinion. They could only think that their own Hitler was denouncing the WZO leaders for being pro-Nazi. The resolution calling for action against the Hitlerites was soundly defeated, 240 to 43.

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2 thoughts on “The Iron Wall by Lenni Brenner

  1. Even after said that truth, Westerners will continue to demonize USSR for Non-agression Treaty signed between Ribbentrop end Molotov in August 1939 while their current ally, Zionist and Israel’s partisan, made worst than ever including communist Russia with Nazi collaboration to save time and get produced arms to face Nazi invasion coming in June 1941 to smash down communism.

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