Zeev Jabotinsky | The Likud Party

#APARTHEID #israel’s Likud, an extreme Right party being proud f their TERRORIST ROOTS (from top to bottom):

– Jabotinsky: Great fan of Mussolini, founder of Betar (zionist youth fascist league) and Irgun (Etzel)
– Begin, Irgun (aka “Etzel”): Bombings, murders, massacres including Deir Yassin, King David and Jaffa Ottoman House bombings and the hanging of 2 British Sergeants.
– Shamir, LEHI (aka “Stern Gang”): Bombings, murders, massacres Deir Yassin, political assassinations of UK’s Lord Moyne and UN Envoy Count Folke Bernadotte.
-Sharon (Unit 101):  Massacres of civilians including the massacre of Qibya by its IOF “Unit 101,the Revenge Commando”, he was Also found responsible for the Sabra and Shatila massacre in Lebanon.

Well all they are missing is a page on Meir Kahane:  After all Jabotinsky was a family friend of the Kahane’s and visited them often in NY including while Bibi Netanyahu’s father was his personal secretary … Well the apple never falls far from the tree …

See the Likud’s page: Zeev Jabotinsky | The Likud Party

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