Israel’s former Military Intel head: Hezbollah main threat, Golan main area of concern & it’s vital to bring down Assad

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Amos Yadlin, the former Israeli military intel head, has this new INSS brief that clearly sets out what one thinks is the establishment strategic thinking:
Read it here
“Five Years Back and Five Years Forward: Israel’s Strategic Environment in 2011-2015 and Policy Recommendations for 2016-2020”
The key determinations are what some of us have long pointed out:
–Iran is the overall main military threat to Israel and Hezbollah is the greatest immediate threat. This assessment has arguably had a huge impact on Western thinking and approaches towards both actors, even though both only marginally affect the security of Western countries.
— ISIS and Sunni radicals are believed to be far less of a threat to Israel and
(it is believed) can be dealt with – when need be – mostly by deepening ties with their primary drivers/sponsors in the Monarchies, the Gulf, Turkey etc. In the end, the Israeli assessment…

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