Mint it: Youth team in Gaza works to promote positivity

Dalia AlNajjar

With “No Act Of Kindness Is Ever Wasted” printed on their shirts, hearts and actions, Mint It team was peppered in Gaza port to add the positivity flavor to the reading chain event that took place  in  the 3rd of March.

hkjgk a group picture of Mint It with the social cohesion project

#MintIt is about adding a positive and kind flavors to the community. With a variety of engaging activities including giving people motivate and inspiring phrases such as “ live crazy adventures that would let your grandchildren drop their cellphones to hear you!” and “Don’t look with your eyes, look with your heart and brain! See the kindness floating yet?“, and also writing and sticking catchy appreciative notes on people thanking them like “Thank you for being awesome“, “you got that special smile, show it off” and other activities.

People Reacting


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