Should Palestinian refugees have the right to return? A Palestinian Canadian responds to Shimon Fogel

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

simon fogel on TvA few days after the Parliamentary motion to condemn BDS, CIJA President Shimon Fogel wrote a very strongly worded piece in Huffington Post (Truth vs. Myth in the BDS Movement) explaining why Palestinians have no legal right to return to their homeland. I asked a Palestinian Canadian, born of a refugee family in Lebanon, to explain why he thinks this is unfair and unacceptable. Read more.

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The debate on BDS has now begun – thanks to Tony Clement

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

clementFormer Tory minister Tony Clement probably calculated that a unanimous condemnation by Canadian Parliament would deliver a knock out blow to the BDS movement in Canada (or at least scare it into submission.)  But he didn’t get an unanimous vote. And the debate seems to have provoked more discussion about BDS than ever before. Read more

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“Why did Canada help hide the destruction of my village?” asks Palestinian Heidar Abu Ghosh

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

abughosh at canada parkHeidar Abu Ghosh (r) was only 14 in 1967 when Israeli soldiers forced him and his Palestinian family to leave his village in the middle of the night. Then they destroyed it. Then JNF Canada collected (tax free) donations to hide that destruction by turning the area into a park for Israelis. Here he is in front of a sign that says the City of Ottawa made a donation. He will be coming to Ottawa to ask why. Learn more.

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When the fight over BDS is a Jewish civil war

Independent Australian Jewish Voices

When the fight over BDS is a Jewish civil war

It’s not anti-Semitism that makes pro-Israel Jewish students at Vassar feel uncomfortable, it’s anti-Zionism, sometimes championed by fellow Jews.

By Peter Beinart | Mar. 8, 2016 | 1:54 PM |  2

Vassar, according to one conservative website, is among the ten most anti-Semitic colleges in America. Last month, an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal declared that, “Anti-Israel sentiment mixed with age-old anti-Semitism has reached a fever pitch” there. So it was with some anxiety that I travelled last week to the 155-year old former women’s college at the invitation of the local chapter of J Street U.

I went looking for anti-Semitism. What I found was more interesting.

I asked roughly a dozen Jewish students whether they thought anti-Semitism was prevalent on campus. They all said no, but admitted that they sometimes feel uncomfortable. When I asked what made them…

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Dion crumbles before CIJA attack on UN nominee as Palestinian human rights “rapporteur”

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

michael-lynkUWO law professor Michael Lynk was named by the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) as a “Special Rapporteur on Palestine”. Within 24 hours, the Israel lobby was in full attack mode, claiming Lynk had a long record of hostility toward Israel and demanding the Government of Canada oppose the nomination. Shortly thereafter, Global Affairs Minister Stephane Dion tweeted that he would ask the UN to review his appointment. But has Dion really checked out Lynk’s background? Read more

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Campus Roundup: A review of this month’s Israel/Palestine activities on campuses across Canada

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

trudeau-mcgill-bds.jpgMcGill University is one of many Canadian university campuses where debate took place last month over the Israel/Palestine conflict. Organizations defending Palestinian human rights are more active than ever across the country. So, also are various pro-Israeli organizations. The debate is intense. Read more.

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Israeli government threats against Palestinian human rights defenders – Omar Barghouti

Independent Australian Jewish Voices

Israeli government threats against Palestinian human rights defenders

Omar Barghouti

Some on this list, including journalists, have written to me inquiring about or voicing their concern at the recent Israeli government minister’s threat of “civil targeted killing” against BDS “leaders” and activists.

There is of course a good reason to be seriously alarmed when government ministers anywhere make such threats against human rights defenders. So imagine the seriousness of the threats when made by an increasingly pariah and lawless regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid that practices extrajudicial killing against Palestinians with impunity and that considers even Zionist Israeli dissenters who dare to reveal — self-censored and cherry-picked — Israeli war crimes as “traitors.”

It is worth remembering that in 1995 then hawkish Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a fanatic Jewish-Israeli who was influenced by a campaign tainting Rabin as “traitor.”…

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