#APARTHEID #israel & Urban Development

Proof of ‪#‎APARTHEID‬ in israel ? How about Urban Development since “land ownership” is insignificant comparing to the “leasing” of State Land which was almost all seized from Palestinians during the Nakba. Sate Land makes up 93% of the territory, leaving only 7% of the land either privately owned or under the protection of religious authorities (wakf).

Population in 1948:
650,000 Jews, 150,000 Palestinians

Population in 2016:

6,400,000 Jews, 1,800,000 Palestinians

So the augmentation of the population was:
5,750,000 Jews, 1,650,000 Palestinians
(BTW more than half of those Jews i.e. 3 millions immigrated in the 68 years span, yep zionism is a settler-colonial project 😉 )

The Jewish Agency boasts that #APARTHEID ‪#‎israel‬ has created 480 new Jewish towns & villages since 1948… So roughly one per 12,000 “new” persons.

So if all citizens were REALLY equal under the Law, the State would have created roughly 138 new Palestinian localities on its territory … BUT IT CREATED NONE!  forcing all Palestinians to cram up in about 100 towns & villages spared in the Nakba … As of today, there should be 238 Palestinian localities …

There are one locality per 6,400 Jews and one locality per 16,500 Palestinians i.e. they live in localities that are almost 3 times more crowded (and much overcrowded in some areas) and the State does rarely, if ever , allow their expansions.

So #APARTHEID #israel Urban Planning for non-Jews forces Palestinians to  live in overcrowded conditions thanks to the zionist ideology fuelling the “only ethnocentric democracy in the Middle East”

Note1: There are 3 mixed cities: Jaffa, Haifa and Acre, not that it changes anything for the #APARTHEID #israel  ethnocentric Urban Development

Note2: All I could find is a “plan” for a new Palestinian town for 40,000 habitants … But even if it’s approved, Palestinian Israelis would need 42 of those to EXIST before #APARTHEID #israel can claim they are “equal under the Law” …

For more on Housing for Palestinians see the December 2012 Report by the UN Human Rights Council


Make your voice heard: Free Dareen Tatour

Free Haifa

Letter to supporters of detained poet Dareen Tatour

Dear Friends,


Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour is still under house detention as her trial is expected to continue for a log period…

We need more solidarity and pressure in the near future

I write this letter to put you all on the same page.

Dareen_in_Nazareth_Demo Dareen Tatour: Freedom of expression for everybody – Image from Haaretz by Rami Shlush

The last court session was held on Sunday, May 8. There was one witness for the prosecution – a policeman – Salman Amer – the one that got the material from Dareen’s computer and smartphone.  Before the hearing we held a successful vigil outside the court. Probably the judge was pressed from the multitude of Dareen’s supporters – so she decided to hold the hearing behind closed doors.

You can read about the 8/5 vigil and hearing my reports (Hebrew and English

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A bereaved Israeli father’s outcry against Israeli Jewish fascism


elior barnearef elior barnea2Rachel Elior
Jerusalem, Israel / 160522

“The occupation is an insufferable moral injustice and a terrible existential mistake which will bring about the end of the democratic state of the Jewish people” – Tzvia Greenfeld

“This is not a passing storm”
“The transformation of the ‘liberation’ of the territories into the occupation of the people living in the territories: this is the trigger that is motivating this terrible Jewish fascist process”. – Aharon Barnea, a bereaved father, who writes [in a letter to the editor in Haaretz, May 22, 2016]:

This is it, the time has come to put out there all the fury and the feelings of suffocation and failure that are flooding me. Seventeen years ago my beloved son Noam was killed, one of the last victims of a long and futile war that a weak leadership was incapable of ending. He was killed at the…

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Racist tropes, Israeli boycotts & the Zionist attempt to make ethics illegal

Road To Somewhere Else

By Daniel Margrain

There is something deeply unsettling about the manner in which powerful and influential Zionists and Zionist political entities in Britain and Israel appear to be intent on subverting the democratic process in order to reinforce their mutual interests. This can only be sustained if tropes are adhered to which perpetuate existing racist myths. One of these tropes which has been used against minorities by racists relates to the invoking of the “loyalty oath”. Whenever, for example, an atrocity committed by terrorists who self-identify as Muslims occurs on British soil, Muslims in general are effectively urged to pledge an allegiance to the country of their birth or, alternatively, they are encouraged to collectively condemn the actions of terrorists. Often it’s both of those things.

Any attempts to resist apology projection is deemed by the establishment to be akin to a form of treachery in which tacit support for…

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Jews, Journalists And Junkets: Why Australian Media Covers Palestine So Badly

Independent Australian Jewish Voices

Jews, Journalists And Junkets: Why Australian Media Covers Palestine So Badly

Michael Brull spoke at a one-day symposium in Melbourne last week, organised by Australians For Palestine. Following is an edited version of that speech.

In speaking today, I was asked to discuss why Australian journalists go on propaganda tours of Israel, instead of looking at how Israel oppresses the Palestinians.

For some journalists, the answer is straightforward. For whatever reason, they are ideologically sympathetic to Israel, and so they’re eager to go on these trips to bolster their already existing worldviews.

Take Sharri Markson, currently a senior writer at the Australian. This example will give you a sense of her worldview.

Markson published on twitter what she called a “thoughtful question” from a newsletter about Peter Slezak, spotted speaking at an “anti-Israel rally” wearing a…

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