A response to comments on my reposting Avner Meitner’s post


A couple of days I reposted a post by Avram Meitner, and wrote that I thought it “brave, concise & accurate”. In comments to this post on my blog & on Facebook I’ve been told that it’s stupid, vile, shite, & I should be ashamed & embarrassed for reposting it. Well, I don’t think it’s any of these things & I’m not ashamed or embarrassed.

OK, maybe I shouldn’t insist on the word ‘accurate’. I have no robust evidence about the real motives of either Balfour or Brandeis, but I do suspect that on this (whatever Balfour may have said to Weitzman or other Zionists, & whatever Brandeis did for Zionism in & from America) Avram Meitner is spot on.

As I think that in essence he’s right about Hitler, who (after he was elected) cooperated with Zionists in a policy of emigration of Jews from Germany to Palestine, whose…

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