A bereaved Israeli father’s outcry against Israeli Jewish fascism


elior barnearef elior barnea2Rachel Elior
Jerusalem, Israel / 160522

“The occupation is an insufferable moral injustice and a terrible existential mistake which will bring about the end of the democratic state of the Jewish people” – Tzvia Greenfeld

“This is not a passing storm”
“The transformation of the ‘liberation’ of the territories into the occupation of the people living in the territories: this is the trigger that is motivating this terrible Jewish fascist process”. – Aharon Barnea, a bereaved father, who writes [in a letter to the editor in Haaretz, May 22, 2016]:

This is it, the time has come to put out there all the fury and the feelings of suffocation and failure that are flooding me. Seventeen years ago my beloved son Noam was killed, one of the last victims of a long and futile war that a weak leadership was incapable of ending. He was killed at the…

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