Make your voice heard: Free Dareen Tatour

Free Haifa

Letter to supporters of detained poet Dareen Tatour

Dear Friends,


Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour is still under house detention as her trial is expected to continue for a log period…

We need more solidarity and pressure in the near future

I write this letter to put you all on the same page.

Dareen_in_Nazareth_Demo Dareen Tatour: Freedom of expression for everybody – Image from Haaretz by Rami Shlush

The last court session was held on Sunday, May 8. There was one witness for the prosecution – a policeman – Salman Amer – the one that got the material from Dareen’s computer and smartphone.  Before the hearing we held a successful vigil outside the court. Probably the judge was pressed from the multitude of Dareen’s supporters – so she decided to hold the hearing behind closed doors.

You can read about the 8/5 vigil and hearing my reports (Hebrew and English

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