Israel lobby panics over Green Party resolutions on Israel

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

ELIZABETH-MAYSome of Canada’s pro-Israel lobby groups are panicked by resolutions that will be considered by the Green Party of Canada (GPC) at its annual convention in August. They have launched a fierce attack on its leader Elizabeth May. What are they so upset about?  Read more.

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Poet Dareen Tatour thanks you for standing by her

Free Haifa

(On Monday, June 27, the court in Nazareth heard Dareen Tatour’s request to relieve the strict conditions imposed on her in her house detention, and, most important, to let her return to her home in Reineh, even if still under detention. As the prosecution firmly objected, the judge postponed his decision until July 18. In the meantime we had a chance to meet Dareen and she gave me the following letter to all of you who support her against persecution.)

One Who Does Not Thank People, Does Not Thank God

With these few words I open my letter to all of you who stood by me and my family in these difficult times and through this harsh experience.

I thank you with all my heart. Thanking you is perhaps the least I can do while I am in this detention and exile, far from everything I’d lived through before my imprisonment…

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Stains: le tribunal rejette la demande de retrait d’une banderole soutenant un résistant palestinien


Le tribunal administratif de Montreuil a rejeté mardi un recours de la préfecture de Seine-Saint-Denis demandant le retrait d’une banderole déployée sur la mairie de Stains en soutien à Marwan Barghouti, figure de la cause palestinienne emprisonné en Israël.


Le tribunal a considéré que les conclusions de la préfecture motivant ce recours sont “tardives et irrecevables”, a expliqué Azzedine Taïbi, le maire de Stains.

En mars, la préfecture avait dans un premier temps obtenu gain de cause en référé, une procédure d’urgence. L’élu avait dû décrocher la banderole, déployée sur la façade de la mairie communiste depuis 2009, en attendant le jugement sur le fond.

“C’est une belle victoire, je suis très, très heureux de cette décision”, a ajouté M. Taïbi. Il a annoncé son intention de redéployer la banderole sur la mairie “dès que possible”.

Représentant Marwan Barghouti, un des leaders de la Seconde Intifada (2000-2005), menotté en train…

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Open letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne about her proposed motion to protect Israel against a boycott

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

wynnenetanyahu.jpg.size.custom.crop.1086x722On returning to Toronto from her visit to Israel last month, Ontario Premier Wynne promised that she would work on a motion to oppose the movement to boycott Israel called BDS. I appeal to her to do some public consultation before preparing the legislation. It might change her mind. Read more.

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Perpetual Nakba

Poetry for Palestine

In 1948 WAR, my grandmother was a young mother,

My mother was a child in 1948

* * *

In 1967 WAR my mother was a young mother,

I was a child in 1967

* * *

In 1987 WAR, I was a young mother,

My daughter was a child in 1987

* * *

In 2014 WAR, my daughter is a young mother

My granddaughter is a child in 2014

* * *


FIVE generation girls/ women/ mothers/ grandmothers

Have lived the Nakba

Repeated over and over and over again

Copy of Picture 375aa - Copy

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Blessings & Correcting/Repairing an Error / Chapter 2: To the Majority, the Minority, & the Majority of the Minority


Posting again in Hebrew, to my primary audience, with an English translation below.

ברכות ותיקון טעות2

This is how I see it, from the other side of the world:

Most of you are mute, ignoring all the violence & injustices of the ongoing occupation and the Nakba, the disaster, of the Arab Palestinians, living as-it-were normally in the “Jewish” state. Occasionally there’s an attack, mourning, bereavement for the bereaved, & for all the rest a return to your agendas in the “Jewish” state.

A minority of you are alert, not silent, courageously active against the injustices of the “Jewish” state in Eretz Yisrael, Israeland, which is undoubtedly also Falastin, Palestine. Not silent, active, expressing your frustration about the muteness, the ignoring, the lack of compassion, of understanding, of humaneness of the majority – & return to your agendas in the “Jewish” state. At least you haven’t been silent.

But it seems to me…

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