If you have any interest in online advocacy for Palestinian Human Rights:
Here is some information on a zionist crowdsourcing “Information Warfare” initiative used to hinder the work of online pro-Palestinian activists, and influence politicans in US, Canada, France, UK and everywhere else. Please read through and consider sharing. After all “sharing is caring’ 😉
I’ve been warning people about this crowdsourcing App for weeks, I am happy that some people like Denny (see appended post below ) are starting to see the potential dangers . Howvever the NUMBERS are on our side; There’s only millions of zionists Zealots (10’s of Millions if you include Christian zionists as we should) BUT WE ARE 100’s of Millions of pro-Palestinians, it is time to shake off the apathy and join the online #Intifada2.0 by posting and sharing even mor on Social Media so they the flood of information annihilate their effort like a tsunami. For their Informatin Warfare initiative to work, they are counting on their Zealots dedication and the apathy of the general public …
Here are a list of videos and articles to put this APP in perspective:

►ACT-IL APP Training video: 


►See the source of the APP target Videos, Posts, Tweets, Website, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Facebook Profiles and Individuals. They get the bulk of their targets from the same souce Canary Mission is using : Naftali Bennett’s baby, the ACMS, which is sifting thru ALL SOCIAL MEDIA and flagging what #APARTHEID #israel considers anti-Semitic i.e. anything #BDS or pro-Palestinian
About ACMS:


► A longer version in English with French Sub-titles:


►See how they setup and train “Situation Room”


►They have “Situation Rooms’ in NYC, Boston, LA, New Jersey and who knows where:


►More on the ACT-IL & 4il.org background, useage & capabilitie


►Another video on ACT-IL:


►About one use of the source information by a malicious zionist site: “How Israel promotes cyberbullying of US students”

►What is also very worrisome is that IAC is backing the project … It means Sheldon Adelson the pro-BiBi billionaire is fiunding this and can direct its use for political purposes .. I wonder how many of those ‘missions’ ACT-IL posted missions were related to pro-#APARTHEID #israel candidates int the mid-Term US elections The US really needs an “IsrealGate: inquiry much more than it needed the RussiaGate one …
— Denny Cormier’s Facebook post on November 16th 2018 —
“” Many of us joke about Zionist trolls, and don’t take pro-Israeli and anti-Palestinian rhetoric (and propaganda) on Facebook and Twitter too seriously – after all, they’re just trolls.
But it does not take too much research to realize that not taking Israeli propaganda efforts seriously is a huge mistake.
If you are not familiar with ACT.IL, you should be.
I’ve known about this smartphone APP and the organizations behind it for months now but I didn’t initially take the effort very seriously.
I do now.
Here’s some information that all of us should be aware of.
ACT.IL was behind much of the propaganda on social media this week after the flareups in Gaza and Israel. And they went out of their way to change the narrative. “””

— End of post —  ( Original Post )

Denny’s  Facebook Group:  Gaza Through My Eyes – An American Journey to Gaza 
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— Fore more on #BDS and 
the fight for Palestinian Human Rights:

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Regards Palestiniens – 2018

via Regards Palestiniens – Édition 2018

Regards palestiniens


Cinémathèque québécoise335, boul. De Maisonneuve Est
(Métro Berri-UQAM, sortie De Maisonneuve)
$10/$11 étudiants & ainés


Lundi/Monday 26 Nov. 2018 | 19:00

A World Not OursMahdi Fleifel, 2012, 93m

Xenos, Mahdi Fleifel, 2014, 13m

20 Handshakes for Peace, Mahdi Fleifel, 2015, 5m

Mardi/Tuesday 27 Nov. 2018 | 19:00 

A Man Returned, Mahdi Fleifel, 2016, 30m

On récolte ce que l’on sème, Alaa Ashkar, 2017, 69m

Mercredi/Wednesday 28 Nov. 2018 | 19:00

Your father was born 100 years old and so was the Nakba, Razan Al Salah, 2017, 7m

Roshmia, Salim Abu Jabal,  2014, 70m

*Projection en présence de l’artiste Razan Al Salah  / Screening in the presence of artist Razan Al Salah

Jeudi/Thursday 29 Nov. 2018 | 21:00

3000 Nights (3000 nuits), Mai Masri, Palestine-France-Jordanie-Liban-Qatar-EAU, 2015, 103 min

Autres évènements en co-présentation avec Regards Palestiniens

Take My Pictures For Me, Amahl Bishara, 2016, 30 min, en co-présentation avec l’Université McGill:  jeudi 29 nov. 12h30-14h00, en présence de la réalisatrice

Emwas: Restoring Memories, Dima Abu Ghoush, 2016, 52 min, en co-présentation avec Cinema Politica, lundi 3 dec. 19h

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 10.40.36 AM

Poster - 12e edition - CATASTROPHE

Youthful protest leader invites Prime Minister Trudeau to visit Gaza

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Ahmed Abu ArtemaCTIP has received a copy of an open letter from Ahmad Abu Artema, one of the key organizers of the Palestinian ‘Great March of Return’ in Gaza, inviting Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau to come and visit Gaza. ‘You will see we are not hate fueled terrorists, but desperate young people searching for a solution to our unfair situation,’ he writes. Read more.

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Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now owes #BDS-ers an apology.

During a commendable and much needed apology to the Jewish people for Canada’s refusal to accept Jewsih Refugees who were onboard the SS St-Louis in 1939,  Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau smeared #BDS  advocates associating them to anti-Semites and criminals.Here’s the part of Trudeau apology that veered into#APARTHEID #israel hasbara and used an old anti- #BDS smear tactic,  similar to what is used against UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn or Canadian Palestinian Human Rights activist Dimitri Lascaris.

At this specific point of the  necessary and laudable apology for the blatant antisemitic act by the 1939 Canadian Government, the Prime Minister is suddenly acting more like a “Prime zionist” and says this

Holocaust deniers still exist. Anti-Semitism is still far too present.
Jewish institutions and neighbourhoods are still being vandalized with swastikas.
Jewish students still feel unwelcome and uncomfortable on some of our college and university campuses because of BDS-related intimidation.
And out of our entire community of nations, it is Israel whose right to exist is most widely – and wrongly – questioned.
Discrimination and violence against Jewish people in Canada and around the world continues at an alarming rate.


By saying it this way, Trudeau is lumping BDS with Nazi holocaust deniers and anti-Semites, making anti-Semite vandals and Campus #BDS campaigners some sort of moral equivalent and saying that anti-zionism is wrong and constiture “dscrimination and violence against Jewish poeple” .. And HOW could it be wrong to criticize a political entity for DENYING HUMAN RIGHTS TO MILLIONS OF PALESTINIANS ?!? 

It is not an accident since Canada and #APARTHEID #israel have a Memoradum of Understanding that states:

1. The Participants will work together to oppose efforts to single out or isolate the State of Israel through:

i – Developing a coordinated, public diplomacy initiative both bilaterally and in international and multilateral fora to oppose boycotts of Israel, its institutions, and its people within three to six months;

ii – Publically expressing their opposition to those who would call into question the State of Israel‘s very right to exist or to defend itself, by itself;iii – Engaging in annual consultations to identify opportunities to advocate in favour of the State of Israel’s full participation in the global economy.



Since Trudeau never terminated this MOU while in office  we must consider he’s abiding by it and acting as an #APARTHEID #israel agent by taking #APARTHEID #israel side vs #BDS,  thus formally denying Palestinian Human Rights supported by UNSC Res. 194 & 242 along with the 1973 “INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION ON THE SUPPRESSION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF APARTHEID”.  Opposing #BDS and smearing #BDS Campaigners is opposing these 3 items of International Law … The only people #BDS should make uncomfortalbe are those opposed to the END of OCCUPATION, opposed to the END of APARTHEID practices and policies ; and opposed to the RETURN of REFUGEES and their families. Someone need to school Mr Trudeau so he ceases to be a PEP (Progressive Except for Palestine) & a “Prime zionist” to finally become our Prime Minister and enforce international Human Rights for Palestinians like Canada would for any other OPPRESSED PEOPLE as it always had been Canada’s tradition ..

The ONLY way #BDS would question #APARTHEID #israel right to exist is if #APARTHEID #israel is incompatible with granting Palestinians their Fundamental Human Rights and THEN shouldn’t any  Moral and Principled person be for #BDS and oppose zionism as it is practiced today ?

This smear attack was  nothing more than a manipulative attempt to “#Corbynized” the #BDS Movement.

So Mr Trudeau now owes all #BDS supporters, advocates and campaigners an apology.

Additonal thoughts on #BDS

FB-Heaader-Andre Lefebvre-Pg-Hdr

– Let’s be clear on what is #BDS:

Here are the 3 #BDS demands all rooted in International Law as stated above:

1. Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall
2. Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and
3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194.
Cited from BNC’s BDS Call of 2005 



 On #BDS and anti-zionism: 

So let’s analyze what is pro and anti #BDS:

IF like #APARTHEID #Israel postulates:
#BDS = anti-zionism = anti-semitism

pro-#BDS is pro-Palestinian ;
#APARTHEID #Israel is a zionist Sate ;
#APARTHEID #Israel is a anti-#BDS .

anti-#BDS = anti-Palestinian ;
zionism     = anti-Palestinian

#APARTHEID #Israel = anti-Palestinian
SO Q.E.D.:
#APARTHEID #Israel = ziomism = anti-#BDS = anti-Palestinian

Then we MUST conclude THAT: #APARTHEID #Israel is a racist anti-Palestinian State BY THEIR OWN STANDARDS !!!

And that ZIONISM is indeed anti-Palestinian RACISM as proven by #APARTHEID #Israel virulent fight against #BDS and the Palestinian Human RIghts it represents …

-Mental Aikido ! 🙂  …


UNSC Resoltion 194
UNSC Resolution 242

Media ignores Canada’s role in suppressing Palestinian protests

Yves Engler

The Canadian media has mostly ignored recent Palestinian efforts to non-violently disrupt a half-century old occupation. They’ve barely reported on a prisoners’ hunger strike and associated solidarity protests, let alone Canada’s effort to suppress popular protests in the West Bank.

Around 1,000 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons have been on hunger strike since April 17. In the occupied West Bank thousands of protesters have taken to the streets and gone on strike in solidarity with the 6,500 Palestinians currently imprisoned by Israel. The issue resonates with Palestinians since Israel has arrested 40 per cent of the West Bank’s male population — 800,000 people — since 1967.

The hunger strike is directed at the occupying regime, but, it’s also a challenge to the “subcontractor of the Occupation” — the Palestinian Authority (PA) led by Mahmoud Abbas. Ramzy Baround labelled it “a revolt within Fatah against their disengaged leadership, and a frantic attempt by all Palestinians…

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The March for Freedom – A Story of a Teenager’s Survival

Forever Palestine

“It was a bloodbath. I thought I was going to die”, he emotionally said while holding back his tears. As he spoke, you could hear the slight quiver in his voice which resonated from pain, sadness and of despair.

It was Friday, March 30th, when the Great Return March started in the Gaza Strip, occupied West Bank and in East Jerusalem.  A peaceful sit-in demonstration organized by Palestinian civilians for the purpose of resisting against Israel’s illegal occupation, which has taken place for the last seven decades.  Thousands of Palestinian refugees, who have been forced out of their homes, had their lands stolen and have endured this systematic form of oppression gathered together to resist, demand the right to return to their land and to see an end to the occupation.Great Return March

On the first day of the march, as the morning sun roused, he quietly gathered his things without…

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