“Torture of Palestinian detainees, including children, is rampant”: Israeli human rights lawyer Lea Tsemel

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Israeli human rights lawyer Lea Tsemel is the subject of “Advocate” a film about her determined efforts to defend Palestinians caught up in the nightmare of Israel’s justice system. On May 24th, OFIP interviewed Ms. Tsemel about her work. By coincidence the webinar took place just as Israel was starting mass arrests of Palestinians in Jerusalem, the West Bank and inside Israel itself. She described the unfairness of the Israeli system. “Torture is rampant”, she told OFIP viewers. Read more and watch the interview...

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OFIP calls on CBC to better inform Canadians about current events in Israel/Palestine

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

OFIP Chair Peter Larson (left) and OFIP Advisory Council member (and former senior CBC correspondent) David Halton, have written an open letter to CBC Chair Michael Goldbloom and CBC President Catherine Tait, questioning CBC’s reluctance to report on credible investigations critical of Israel. They argue that the national public broadcaster is not fulfilling its mandate to “inform” Canadians. Read more…

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