Is the international consensus on a “Two State solution” starting to break down?

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

A recent edition of the internationally renowned magazine “The Economist” devoted its front page, an editorial, and a long article to analysing the Israel/Palestine situation. Its conclusion: the peace process is “hopeless” and the chances for a two state solution are diminishingly small. Is this a sign that the international consensus on the two state solution beginning to break down? Read more…

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“Israel has launched an unprecedented wave of repression against own Palestinian citizens” according to Mossawa Centre in Haifa

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

As soon as the truce was signed with Hamas, Israel launched an unprecedented wave of repression across Israel, targeting its Palestinian citizens who had been demonstrating in support of those facing expulsions at Sheikh Jarrah or against the bombing of Gaza. Over 2000 have been arrested, according to Suha Mousa, Executive Director of Mossawa, the Advocacy Centre for Palestinian citizens of Israel. Read more and watch the interview…..

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