Hope, disappointment, self-censorship: What it’s like to be a Palestinian Canadian

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Idris Elbakri (right) with family is one of the millions of Palestinians scattered around the globe. He counts himself among the lucky ones who were able to come to Canada, where he is now a citizen. He reflects on the benefits and stresses of being a Palestinian Canadian. See the CTIP interview…

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“Israel uses its “war measures act” against its own Palestinian citizens”: Mossawa

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Israel’s Emergency Defense Law, (like Canada’s War Measures Act) gives police extraordinary powers to ignore the normal procedures of a democratic society. It has been rarely invoked against Jewish Israelis but is frequently used during demonstrations by its own Palestinian citizens. After the truce with Hamas in mid May, Israel used the law to launch “Operation Law and Order’. Thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel were arrested. We spoke to one of them, Jarar Farah, Director General of Mossawa. Read more and watch…

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