Canada’s feminist fund for Palestinian Territories gives support to women promoting hiking in the West Bank

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

The Palestinian Heritage Trail is a 500 km walking route through the West Bank. The Canada Feminist Fund for the Palestinian Territories has provided funding to train Palestinian women to welcome hikers and show them womens centres in cities and villages on the Trail. Whether you are a hiker or not, and whether you visit or not, the videos produced by the Trail give a glimpse of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Watch here…

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Canadians launch campaign to protect Palestinian children in Israeli detention

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Hundreds of Palestinian children in the West Bank are arrested by the Israeli military every year. Many of those arrests are done in terrifying nightime raids on Palestinian homes. Others during the daytime. Under special rules, the children can be interrogated without the right to help from lawyers. Often their parents don’t even know where they are held. A Canadian campaign has been launched to promote awareness among Canadians. One of the first events of the campaign was a webinar with experts from Ramallah and Jerusalem. Watch the webinar. It is disturbing.

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Is Canada changing its stance on the two state solution?

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Hon. Marc Garneau, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, spoke to the UN on September 27th. When discussing the Israel/Palestine issue, he chose his words carefully, moving slightly away from Canada’s repeatedly stated commitment to the two state solution. Why? How significant is it, and what might lie behind it? Read more….

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