This month the UN General Assembly will be condemning Israel – again – on the issue of Palestinian rights. Why?

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

un-partition-1947On November 29th, 1947, exactly 74 years ago, the UN took a dramatic decision to “partition” historic Palestine into a “Jewish State” and an “Arab State”. What do you know about that decision and Canada’s role in it? First, try our test. Then register for the Ottawa Forum on Israel/Palestine webinar on December 7th: “Why is the UN so critical of Israel?“with UN Special Rapporteur Michael Lynk. Read more…

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Israel’s widening use of the “terrorist” label – from ice cream to human rights organizations – a conversation with Sari Bashi, author of Ha’aretz column “Umm Forat”

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

When Ben and Jerry’s announced it would no longer sell ice cream in the West Bank, Israel’s President Isaac Herzog labelled the move “a new kind of terrorism”. CTIP interviews Sari Bashi, a columnist with the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, about Israel’s widening use of the “terrorist” label to sully legitimate opposition. Watch the interview...

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Netflix launches new series of Palestinian films!!

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

On October 14th, Netflix launched “The Palestinian Stories Collection” which includes a lineup of award-winning films by Palestinian filmmakers. The collection contains 32 films which will be available free to Netflix members in North America and around the world, with more to be added over the next few weeks. Why is Netflix doing this? Read More…

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