The world loses a passionate voice for human rights around the world- including the rights of Palestinians

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is best known for his principled stand for equality in South Africa, facing down the racist apartheid regime. In their rush to eulogise Tutu, many Canadian politicians, starting with Prime Minister Trudeau, remember his struggle against South Africa’s apartheid regime, while carefully avoiding mention of his vocal and repeated criticisms of Israel’s own apartheid regime. Read more…

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“Balanced or not balanced?” Public debate lays bare awkward contradictions in Canadian policy toward Israel/Palestine

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

The Israel/Palestine issue is a contentious foreign policy issue, but Canada’s position rarely gets debated in open forum. I was delighted that the Canadian International Council organized a public debate on the topic: “Is it now time for Canada to recognize the State of Palestine?” and invited me and Dr. David Matas, Senior counsel to Bnai Brith Canada to participate. Read more and watch the video....

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