Why should Canadian taxpayers support ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian Bedouins living in Israel’s Negev desert?

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Israeli military used horses, tear gas, stun guns and bulldozers last week to remove Palestinian bedouins from their traditional lands in the south of Israel. Officially it was to allow the Jewish National Fund to plant trees. But it fits into a 74 year process of ethnically cleansing the south of Israel of its non-Jewish citizens. And Canadian taxpayers help fund the exercise. An OFIP webinar on February 16, will examine the issue. Read more….

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In the same week, Canada and Israel both “discover” mass graves of missing and murdered indigenous peoples

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Evidence of graves of murdered indigenous peoples discovered at St. Joseph Residential school (at left) in British Columbia, and at Tantura in Israel (at right). “Discovered” in quotation marks because in both cases, the families of the victims have been saying for years that the deaths occurred and the graves were there. Nobody listened. Now the truth is coming out….. read more…

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