Another report – this one from the UN – calls out Israel for practicing a “pitiless apartheid” – Canada remains mum again

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

The UN Human Rights Council has become the fourth significant organization in the last six months to accuse Israel of operating an “apartheid” regime with respect to Palestinians. UN Special Rapporteur Michael Lynk (a Canadian law professor) submitted his final report to the Council on Friday, March 25th. Read more...

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On Watching Ukraine Through Palestinian Eyes

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

credit: Global News

After refusing to delist Israeli wines produced illegally in the occupied Palestinian Territories, LCBO now has decided to delist Russian vodka because of the ongoing Russian occupation of Ukraine. The rightful outpouring of support for Ukraine teaches us that boycotts and sanctions CAN be applied against illegal occupations.. IF THE WILL IS THERE. More…

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Canada reveals some unprincipled principles hidden in its foreign policy

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Source: Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East

Foreign Affairs Minister Joly announced that Canada will refer Russia’s attack on Ukraine to the International Criminal Court. But in doing so, she also revealed another, unwritten, principle of Canadian foreign policy: only certain victims of war crimes need apply. Read more…

On March 1st, The Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs, issued a statement calling for the International Criminal Court to investigate Russian war crimes.

“Canada has decided to refer the situation in Ukraine to the International Criminal Court (ICC)… as a result of numerous allegations of the commission of serious international crimes in Ukraine by Russian forces, including war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

“We firmly stand with Ukraine and the brave men and women fighting to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity. The perpetrators of these serious international crimes must face justice.”

Brave principled words from…

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