New report details concerted efforts to suppress rising pro-Palestinian voices on Canadian campuses

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Detailed research by two investigators from Independent Jewish Voices Canada has documented repeated attempts to shut down voices supportive of human rights for Palestinians on Canadian campuses. It reveals widespread efforts by a variety of Israel advocacy organizations in Canada to use the spectre of anti-Semitism to villify voices critical of Israel. We speak to one of the authors. Read more.

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OFIP asks three questions to Hon. Mme. Melanie Jolie about the uneven international application of Canadian human rights policy

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Foreign Affairs minister Melanie Joly recently talked tough on the issue of human rights in Iran. “Canada will hold Iran accountable for its crimes,” she said. Prime Minister Trudeau went even further announcing that Canada would “impose sanctions on those responsible”. In an open letter, OFIP asks the foreign minister if Canada applies the same policy across the board. Read the letter….

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