The Origins of Zionism

PAJU - Palestiniens et Juifs Unis

by Dr. Abraham Weizfeld Ph.D.

Few other states claim to be “Nation-States” nowadays as the Zionist State claims to be. Instead of prizing homogeneous populations, it is considered better today for a State to boast of its multicultural diversity and its commitment to equality of rights for its citizens. However, the “Nation-State” concept was admired for a long time as a political ideal. Indeed, when it was invented during the European Reformation, it was a progressive solution to a serious set of conflicts. Wars of religion had raged for decades, as Protestants sought national independence for particular territories from the Holy Roman Empire. Civil wars raged on by each religious faction seeking dominion over the other. Finally, in 1648 the “Treaties of Westphalia” were conceived, creating a basis for national self-determination. Henceforth each territory would be sovereign and its ruler would decide its official religion. Political interference in the…

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ANTI-ZIONISM / IS NOT / ANTI-SEMITISM (7), + a gallery of 6 previous memes


antizionism isnot meme7

Some different colors, some different fonts.

This is version 7. Below is a gallery of 6 previous versions, 2 published (1 & 2) & 4 not (tap or click on thumbnail to enlarge).

Hoping others will share the message, I think it’s urgent. Yesterday I wrote:

I posted this meme a couple of days ago using a “Stencil” typeface, & wrote:

Enough of the bald-faced Big Lie the pro-Zionists are pushing!
If anything’s increasing anti-Semitism in the world it’s the Zionist state’s crimes of commission & omission.
The post received very few likes, shares or responses. Since I think it’s important & urgent to spread this message, I’m trying different fonts & some color this time. Readers are also invited to suggest fonts, layouts, wordings of their own. IMHO, the difference between anti-Zionism & anti-Semitism need to be reaffirmed again & again, especially now, with the increasing conflation of the…

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PAJU - Palestiniens et Juifs Unis

Il y a 50 ans, le 5 juin 1967, Israël lançait une guerre éclair contre l’Égypte, la Syrie et la Jordanie. En prenant le contrôle de la Cisjordanie, de Gaza, du Sinaï, du plateau de Golan et de Jérusalem, cette « guerre des 6 jours » marquera le début de l’occupation militaire de la Palestine. Aussi, dès le 22 novembre 1967, le Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU adopta, à l’unanimité, la résolution 242, qui exigeait le « retrait des forces armées israéliennes des territoires occupés lors du récent conflit ».

La guerre des 6 jours aboutit à l’occupation de toute la Palestine par Israël qui n’a cessé de s’emparer de terres palestiniennes tout au long de ce demi-siècle, parfois à l’initiative même du gouvernement de Tel Aviv, ou sinon par des invasions de colons ultra-orthodoxes et nationalistes et ce, toujours à l’encontre du droit international. Aujourd’hui, 500 000 Israéliens occupent des terres palestiniennes volées à…

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Jewish Ethnicity, Palestinian Solidarity, Human Identity

Global Justice in the 21st Century

[Prefatory Note: the following interview with Abdo Emara, an Arab journalist was published in Arabic; it is here republished in slightly modified form. The changes made are either stylistic or clarifying. There are no substantive changes from my earlier responses. I think it worthwhile to share this text because the questions asked by Abdo Emara are often directed at me in the discussion period after talks I have given recently.]

Jewish Ethnicity, Palestinian Solidarity, Human Identity

  1. Many believe that all Jews are completely biased in favor of Israel. Since you are Jewish this raises some questions. Why have you supported the grievances of the Palestinians? And why does not Israel welcome you on its territory since you are a Jew?

It is a rather well kept secret that from the very outset of the Zionist movement there were many Jews, including some who were prominent in their countries…

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Canadian rabbi joins 130 North American Jews to resist expropriation of Bedouins in West Bank

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Rabbi David Mivasiar.jpgRabbi David Mivasair, of Vancouver is speaking out in Canada after spending 2 weeks in Palestine with the Center for Jewish Nonviolence. Over 100 diaspora Jews, mostly young Americans, were helping Palestinians defend their homes and lands against Jewish Israeli settlers and the Israeli military. Listen to CTIP’s 2 exclusive video interviews with Rabbi Mivasair.

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