Israel lobby warning to Canadian politicians – “If you criticize Israel, we will call you antisemitic”

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Ontario MPP Joel Harden came under intense criticism for an interview he did last year with OFIP chair, Peter Larson on National Truth and Reconciliation Day. He compared colonialism in Canada to that of Israel. Now, a year later the Israel lobby is “shocked, shocked” to discover the interview and has accused him of “antisemitism”. It put enough pressure on the Ontario NDP that Harden chose to apologise for some of his remarks. It’s a stark warning to other politicians. Read more…

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Mr. Trudeau, after Israel’s election on November 1, do you still think Canada and Israel have “shared values”?

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Prime Minister Trudeau rarely misses an occasion to talk about how Canada and Israel have “shared values”. But the most recent Israeli election, in which more than 80% of Israelis voted for parties espousing Jewish supremacy, including extreme racist parties, challenges that assertion. Is it time for Mr. Trudeau to drop that language and face the reality that Israel is a state in which the majority of the population holds views very different from those held by most Canadians? Read more….

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New report details concerted efforts to suppress rising pro-Palestinian voices on Canadian campuses

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Detailed research by two investigators from Independent Jewish Voices Canada has documented repeated attempts to shut down voices supportive of human rights for Palestinians on Canadian campuses. It reveals widespread efforts by a variety of Israel advocacy organizations in Canada to use the spectre of anti-Semitism to villify voices critical of Israel. We speak to one of the authors. Read more.

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OFIP asks three questions to Hon. Mme. Melanie Jolie about the uneven international application of Canadian human rights policy

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Foreign Affairs minister Melanie Joly recently talked tough on the issue of human rights in Iran. “Canada will hold Iran accountable for its crimes,” she said. Prime Minister Trudeau went even further announcing that Canada would “impose sanctions on those responsible”. In an open letter, OFIP asks the foreign minister if Canada applies the same policy across the board. Read the letter….

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New research reveals Canadian UN diplomats uncomfortable with our consistent anti-Palestinian voting record

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

For the last two decades, Canada, along with the US and a handful of other nations, has consistently voted to shield Israel from criticism at the United Nations. Internal Global Affairs documents reveal that our own diplomats at the UN were concerned that our pro-Israel votes were hurting our international reputation. But they were consistently over-ruled by higher ups in Global Affairs and the Prime Minister’s office. Why? See our interview with lead author Michael Bueckert. …

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Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Two weeks ago NDP leader Jagmeet Singh sent out a letter urging the Canadian government to take 13 sensible steps to defend the human rights of Palestinians. It seems to have upset the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs which launched an all out attack on Singh, claiming his support of human rights doesn’t promote “peace”. But without human rights, how can there be peace? Read more.

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The challenges of reporting from Palestine: an OFIP webinar on September 13th with Mariam Barghouti, Senior Palestine correspondent for Mondoweiss

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Mariam Barghoutiis a Palestinian-American writer, blogger, researcher, commentator and journalist. She currently lives in Ramallah, Palestine where she is the Senior Palestine Correspondent for the independent digital publication Mondoweiss. On September 13, in an OFIP webinar Barghouti will share with her audience the dangers, challenges (and joys) of reporting from Palestine. Read more and register.

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Jagmeet Singh issues 13 clear demands with respect to Canada’s policy and practice on Israel/Palestine

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

“By failing to call out Israel for breaching international law and violating the human rights of the Palestinian people, Canada is contributing to the problem” says NDP leader Jagmeet Singh in a recent statement. As an important ally of the current minority Liberal government, Singh is in a position to force a change.Read more…

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