Canadians launch campaign to protect Palestinian children in Israeli detention

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Hundreds of Palestinian children in the West Bank are arrested by the Israeli military every year. Many of those arrests are done in terrifying nightime raids on Palestinian homes. Others during the daytime. Under special rules, the children can be interrogated without the right to help from lawyers. Often their parents don’t even know where they are held. A Canadian campaign has been launched to promote awareness among Canadians. One of the first events of the campaign was a webinar with experts from Ramallah and Jerusalem. Watch the webinar. It is disturbing.

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Is Canada changing its stance on the two state solution?

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Hon. Marc Garneau, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, spoke to the UN on September 27th. When discussing the Israel/Palestine issue, he chose his words carefully, moving slightly away from Canada’s repeatedly stated commitment to the two state solution. Why? How significant is it, and what might lie behind it? Read more….

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What’s it like to be an emergency room doctor in Gaza? – Dr. Tarek Loubani says it isn’t exactly like you might think.

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Dr. Tarek Loubani is a Palestinian Canadian. He was born in Kuwait of Palestinian refugee parents. He frequently goes to Gaza where he works as an emergency room doctor at al Shifa hospital in Gaza City. On June 29th, the Ottawa Forum on Israel Palestine organized a zoom based expert panel of Canadians to discuss his work with Dr. Loubani. Watch the video interview….

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Coalition urges voters to consider human rights for Palestinians in upcoming vote

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

An ad hoc committee of Canadian human rights organizations has launched a campaign to remind voters that Canada’s policy towards human rights for Palestinians needs attention. Peter Larson, Chair of the Ottawa Forum on Israel/Palestine interviews committee spokesperson Dania Majid about the objectives of the campaign.Read more and watch the interview.

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Canadian courts continue to resist attempts by lobby groups to delegitimize critics of Israel

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

bnai brith counsel david matasAn Ontario Appeal Court Judge has again rejected an attempt by B’nai Brith Canada’s legal counsel David Matas (l) and CEO Michael Mostyn (r) to vilify the Canadian Union of Postal Workers for its strong support of Palestinian rights. The Israel lobby has suffered a number of legal setbacks in the last year, as Canada’s courts seem resistant to their pressure. Human rights lawyer Dimitri Lascaris explained why to OFIP Chair Peter Larson. Read more and watch the interview with Mr. Lascaris….

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“Israel uses its “war measures act” against its own Palestinian citizens”: Mossawa

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Israel’s Emergency Defense Law, (like Canada’s War Measures Act) gives police extraordinary powers to ignore the normal procedures of a democratic society. It has been rarely invoked against Jewish Israelis but is frequently used during demonstrations by its own Palestinian citizens. After the truce with Hamas in mid May, Israel used the law to launch “Operation Law and Order’. Thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel were arrested. We spoke to one of them, Jarar Farah, Director General of Mossawa. Read more and watch…

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Is the international consensus on a “Two State solution” starting to break down?

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

A recent edition of the internationally renowned magazine “The Economist” devoted its front page, an editorial, and a long article to analysing the Israel/Palestine situation. Its conclusion: the peace process is “hopeless” and the chances for a two state solution are diminishingly small. Is this a sign that the international consensus on the two state solution beginning to break down? Read more…

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“Israel has launched an unprecedented wave of repression against own Palestinian citizens” according to Mossawa Centre in Haifa

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

As soon as the truce was signed with Hamas, Israel launched an unprecedented wave of repression across Israel, targeting its Palestinian citizens who had been demonstrating in support of those facing expulsions at Sheikh Jarrah or against the bombing of Gaza. Over 2000 have been arrested, according to Suha Mousa, Executive Director of Mossawa, the Advocacy Centre for Palestinian citizens of Israel. Read more and watch the interview…..

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“Torture of Palestinian detainees, including children, is rampant”: Israeli human rights lawyer Lea Tsemel

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

Israeli human rights lawyer Lea Tsemel is the subject of “Advocate” a film about her determined efforts to defend Palestinians caught up in the nightmare of Israel’s justice system. On May 24th, OFIP interviewed Ms. Tsemel about her work. By coincidence the webinar took place just as Israel was starting mass arrests of Palestinians in Jerusalem, the West Bank and inside Israel itself. She described the unfairness of the Israeli system. “Torture is rampant”, she told OFIP viewers. Read more and watch the interview...

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