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Over the last few years, I’ve come across a few collections of images and galleries containing memes, graphics, photos, cartoons … As an image is worth a 1000 words, they are effective in conveying messages, informing people, and sometime to put #hasbaRAT in their place (you now those #TrollAVIV sayanim who spread zionist MYTHS as TRUTH ; ) ) …

I think it may be helpful to the pro-Palestinian Human Rights advocate if I share some of the finds I made during my countless hours spent on the ‘Net …  Drop a comment and/or share this page if you find it helpful or interesting.

I will present them as it comes and eventually will structure the page as I go along …  For now, collections and sources will be added haphazardly when I take the time …


1) Carlos Latuff:

One of if not THE BEST pro-Palestinian political cartoonist. PERIOD!.  His Brazilian pen is a formidable weapon to slash through #hasbara BS. He is a genius with an unparalleled wit and a gift for biting political sarcasm coupled with an acute sense of world politics and he is standard-bearer for the Rights of the Oppressed worldwide. And yes I am an undying fan of his Work in both the Arts and the Social Arena. 🙂

Carlos’ WordPress blog (Portuguese but images speak for themselves!)
Carlos on Facebook
Carlos on Twitter
A small collection of Carlos’ IMMENSE WORK on Palestine
Wikipedia on Carlos

2) Walid Khalidi:

Before their Diaspora: An astounding online version of his seminal masterpiece on Palestine pictorial history from the Ottoman Era to the #Nakba.
Before their Diaspora- Digital Edition: A free e-book, every pro-Palestinian advocate need to peruse it and know this material
Before their Diaspora – Photo Search with Era Filter

3) Palestinian Review:

Free E-Books on Palestine: A MOTHER LODE of information of Palestine, its People, Culture, History and almost all facets of the Palestinian-israeli Conflict and zionism.

4) Palestine Remembered:

Palestine Pictures Before and After Nakba: A  TROVE of Palestinian pictures from different eras. The site also offer IN DEPTH information on probably ALL VILLAGES of Historic Palestine. You can set aside hours & days just to glance at what’s available.

5) Lest we forget (

The site has a ton of documents, pages & resources. Here are the photo galleries:
Historic Palestine.
Settlers’ Palestine.
Exiled Palestine.


1) Mine 🙂 :

Collection of Carlos Latuff’s WORK on Palestine
On zionism…
On #hasbara…
PACBI (Palestinian Academic and Cultural Boycott of israel)
My #TrollAVIV Toolkit !
My Images-Palestine library via DropBox
My Youtube Channel
My Google+ Account

2) Cockney Activist:

Cockney Activist’s Twitter 
Cockney Activist’s Youtube Channel

3) Simon”sai”  Brace:

On Palestine and #APARTHEID #israel
Sai’s Facebook
Sai’s Twitter 

4) Enrico Geiler:

CD on History of Palestine in Images:  They ship worldwide their Palestine history CD free of charge. CD has multi-lingual editions (English, Français, Italiano, Deutsch
Also available via digital download (see offer from Palaestina.CH).
Available Downloads on Palestine and its History from ImparaLaVita.CH 
Enrico’s Facebook

5) Bjørn Danh Tales:

Zionism Defined
Palestine Now !
Bjørn’s Twitter 



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