The McCarthyist Mole Who Came With ‘’All That’s Left” to Susiya

The Leftern Wall

Shabbat in Susiya. Photo by A. Daniel Roth. 

June 2015.

He looked lonely.

That’s the first thing I remember about him from that weekend. He looked lonely, and his nose was very pink from the sun. I went over to talk to him. Mostly, I just wanted to run around with the hilarious, wonderful kids from Susiya — whose homes and community garden and playground were threatened with erasure at the hands of the Israeli government —  and to spend time talking strategy and politics with Nasser Nawaja, a brilliant community organizer from Susiya, and with my comrades from All That’s Left, together with whom I’d helped plan this weekend of action, in which around 100 Jews from the Diaspora and from Israel spent the weekend in Susiya, and worked on a road in Bir al-Eid, and planted thyme in Umm al-Kheir, and fought against the occupation which wants to…

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